Monday, 8 February 2016

Roswell Rising- Update, February 2016

I have now progressed with the first draft of the novel for as far as I think I can. I'm very close to what I've called "the Wall". The presence of "the Wall" became apparent soon after I began work on the book. When I normally write a long piece of fiction, I have a general idea of where the story will go, from beginning to end. I then work out the details as I go along, making notes as ideas come to me. Roswell Rising is different. I know where the story will go up to a certain point, but there's a very abrupt threshold beyond which there is a lot of uncertainty; "the Wall". I also think that second part of what I've so far written is a bit thin. I'll need a few extra scenes between two major segments to tie them together. In fact there is a second of these lacunae which will also need to be filled in, although with slightly less detail. I must be careful not to rush the book, but I feel a sense of urgency. This is a story that needs to be told. The plot is comparatively simple compared to Rockall and also my first and somewhat lesser novel Evan's Land. I'm writing it in the third person perspective, ie: using the pronoun "he" instead of "I" for the narrative. The protagonist is going to remain the same for the entire story, that of the Clane Quilley character, whom readers of the preview chapter will have already been introduced to. In Rockall I divide the story between four different characters who take it in turns to tell the story through their own eyes. Nevertheless I am not yet sure how the story is going to end. Is this an inevitable result of my own mixed feelings about willing Disclosure in the real world? So I've had a few days off and now I'm going to revise and rewrite what I have done so far; and hopefully this will help me dissolve "the Wall" and allow me to complete this assignment, which is a far more difficult one than I expected. I'm determined to write a quality piece of literature. There are other fictional allegories in the UFO/paranormal/conspiracy world which are technically very poor, but become popular for purely conceptual reasons. I don't want my book to be one of those; I want it to be well-written along with enlightening about the UFO/paranormal/conspiracy world. Despite the fact that Stephen Bassett gave me the idea to write Roswell Rising, I don't think he's going to like it. It's clear to me that my own disagreements with Steve over this issue are materializing obtrusively on the pages. I must also apologize for the current lack of activity on HPANWO TV and HPANWO Voice. I am not going to completely abandon them, but there will be less material posted for the time being. Unfortunately there is only one of me and somebody has to write the book. Roswell Rising is however going to end up a somewhat shorter novel than Rockall, and considerably shorter than Evan's Land. It will hopefully not take me more than two or three more months to finish. After that will come the work on design, origination, ISBN allocation etc. So, all going well, we're looking at a summer launch,