Thursday, 6 December 2018

Roswell Redeemed is here!

My new novel Roswell Redeemed- Humanity After Disclosure is now available on at least one retail platform, see:
The novel is currently only issued as a paperback book. It will shortly be available from all other outlets. Sincere thanks to everybody who has inspired and supported me in this enterprise.
See here for background. You can also read the first two chapters of the novel on this page as a free sample:
See here for the accompanying HPANWO TV video:
I will be working on the box set, see:

The publication of Roswell Redeemed marks the end of the Roswell Trilogy. It is quite a sad feeling for me because it means I have to leave a parallel life that I have been living in for over three years. All fiction authors will know what I'm talking about. The main characters have become like real people, even though they are non-existent and just figments of my imagination. I have had to say goodbye to them. This does not mean I will never again write another story set in the Roswell universe; it is possible that I will. However, there is no doubt the Roswell story has finished for now; all the ends have been tied. There will be no sequel or any other Roswell tale on that scale. I'd like to say thanks to everybody who has bought one or more of the Roswell novels; I really hope you enjoy them. And, of course, I have to say a big thank you to Stephen Bassett, the man who gave me the idea, way back in spring of 2015, see: As for what I will write next, I'm not sure and I have only vague ideas, but be sure that I will post any updates on Ben's Bookcase.