Saturday, 25 August 2018

Box Set Design

When the third book Roswell Redeemed is finished, see:, I will have written a trilogy. I have been thinking about this for some time and wondered for a while if it should be called "The Roswell Trilogy" or "The Disclosure Trilogy". I have decided on the former. A lot of book series are published in a box set and so I've designed one for The Roswell Trilogy and hope to bring it out. This is a basic and rough design because I don't know what the exact dimensions will be, and I won't until Redeemed is designed. I have also redesigned the spines of all the books so that they look better when placed in the box set. It also makes them identifiable from each other because the covers of all three books are so similar. The coloured bars are based on the colour scheme of the front cover illustrations. As you can see, I will be offering a discount for purchasing all three books at once. The illustrations are all by Annette Lemaire apart from the Volta Union flag on the back panel. Below are my drafts for the five panels and what I think the open side with the spine row will look like.
Front Panel
Back Panel
Spine Panel
Top Panel
Bottom Panel
Open Side

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Roswell Redeemed Cover

Here is a design for the front cover of the upcoming novel Roswell Redeemed- Humanity After Disclosure. I've decided to adapt it from the same design as Rising and Revealed; partly because I like it and also because Redeemed is a direct sequel to the other two. The illustration is once again by Annette Lemaire. The book itself will be available later in the year. See here for the sample chapter: