Monday, 23 October 2017

Roswell Revealed is here!

My new novel Roswell Revealed- a World After Disclosure is now available on at least one retail platform, see:
As it appears on others I shall post links here on Ben's Bookcase. The novel is currently issued as a paperback book. Sincere thanks to everybody who has inspired and supported me in this enterprise.
See here for background. You can also read the first three chapters of the novel on this page as a free sample:

Friday, 6 October 2017

Roswell Revealed Cover

Here is a design for the front cover of the upcoming novel Roswell Revealed- a World After Disclosure. I've decided to adapt it from the same design as Rising; partly because I like it and also because Revealed is a direct sequel to Rising. See here for more details:

Sunday, 1 October 2017

I've Finished the Book!

I have completed the final draft of my new novel Roswell Revealed- a World After Disclosure. This of course does not mean that the book is now published. There is a lot of work to be done before it becomes available. I have to design the cover. That is something I'm going to enjoy because I can incorporate the superb artwork of Annette Lemaire; above you can see her final image for the illustration. I will have to work on the general book design. I intend that Roswell Revealed will end up the same trim-size as Roswell Rising, but it will be somewhat thicker. This is partly because it is slightly longer in extent, but also because I am going to use bigger text. This is due to feedback from Rising readers who say the print is too small. (Another project I have is a new edition of Rising with bigger text). It cannot be avoided that because of this Revealed is going to cost more than Rising's very reasonable £9. I will also have to allocate an ISBN and plan the book with the printers. However, the biggest task of all will be, as always, revision. I'm very pleased with the draft I've written, but it inevitably will not be perfect. I will need to work through it again, correcting mistakes, adding new segments, taking out some segments etc. Bear with me; I will post an immediate notice the moment the book is launched. In the meantime feel free to read the sample first chapter, see: