Monday, 18 December 2017

Cheap Risings almost Sold Out

If you are having a budget Christmas this year then I can, of course, recommend my 2016 book Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure. It costs only £9 at the moment. This price will rise after Christmas because I am doing a reprint of the book. This is not a new edition; the content will be exactly the same. I might bring out a new edition of the book one day, but not yet. The only change will be that the text will be slightly bigger. I am increasing the size from 8.5 points to 9.2 points, the same setting as Roswell Revealed. This is because of feedback from readers complaining that the text is too small to read properly. The result of this correction will be that the book will be thicker and so the price will have to rise. Rising will henceforth cost £10 instead of £9. If you have good eyesight and want a cheap copy, or know somebody who does, grab one while you can!
Rising can be purchased at all good bookshops and online, see: