Saturday, 28 July 2018

Review Trolls

The Amazon sales website allows customers to write public reviews of the products they buy on its page. These reviews are very important because they influence potential future customers. With online shopping it is not possible to examine the product personally, so many Amazon users study reviews carefully before purchasing. Therefore I was concerned when I saw that the reviews for my books on Amazon were generally poor. There have been a few good ones, but 60% of Roswell Rising reviewers gave the book 1 out of 5, the lowest score. They describe the product with epithets like: "Amateurish cliché-heavy dross. Don't bother...", "Mr Emlyn-Jones' fictional account is tedious beyond tedious...", "...mediocre dull novel. Everything is so hammy and over descriptive, it just reads like an amateur po-faced crap effort which is what it is..." "Oh my days! What an embarrassing book that should never have seen the light of day..." "Rubbish!... Absolute CRAP! (sic)". Source: Roswell Revealed has had 75% 1-star ratings. The critics of the sequel denounce it as: "Very clichéd and stodgy and you will feel like you have binged on carbs all day after reading this bilge. The writing has stymied the plot to the point at which, quite frankly, it is non-existent, and very weak... It should though never have been written in the first place.", "Well, I half read the first one and almost like a dog going back to lick some festering vomit in the street I thought I'd try the follow-up...", "I'm bummed beyond belief! Ten pounds for this ....this ...thing! I won't call it a book... Cheesy, tedious and cliché-ridden... If I discovered Mr Jones was in fact a twelve-year-old with a weird Roswell obsession I wouldn't be shocked. I hear a third book is in the works. I would beg Mr Jones, no more! The world has now suffered enough!" Source:

The truth of the matter is that all these reviews are by just two or three people posting from multiple accounts and none of them have read either book. They are trying to sabotage my sales by filling the review list with negative comments to discourage other readers. This is far more serious than the usual verbal abuse I get because this could affect my livelihood. This is the most spiteful, gutless and juvenile thing I can think of. I know who these people are. I have offered them the chance to meet with me and have a public real world confrontation, but they didn't dare, see: I'm very grateful to the genuine people who have left appreciative comments. Hopefully these will outweigh the nasty negativism from the trolls and expose them for the fraudulent posters that they are. I have contacted Amazon UK to find out if I can take further action.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Roswell Redeemed Flags

I am having a lot of imaginational fun at the moment while I write Roswell Redeemed- Humanity After Disclosure, see here for the sample: This setting involves the creation of at least two entirely fictional countries. These imaginary nations have to have an element of realism for the story, including national flags; and so I have designed flags for them. The novel will have no illustrations so nobody reading it will ever get to see the flags, but I do describe them in the text. However I thought that it might be nice for anybody interested to see what these flags look like, so I have actually designed them as images and posted them below.
The Volta Union

The Socialist Republic of Australia