Thursday, 31 March 2016

Evan's Land- For Sale

With the approaching publication of my new novel Roswell Rising, some people have been asking me about my first novel Evan's Land. This was published as a book in 2002 and is about a young Welshman living in England who returns to Wales for the first time since childhood. The setting is in a futuristic or parallel world. It is epic in extent, over 370,000 words. According to the critic Estyn Allan: "It was very enjoyable and didn't drag; quite an achievement as it was over 900 pages long. The intro at the beginning was misleading as the nationalists are not the heroes. I was expecting propaganda and was pleasantly surprised, even though it satirised modern Welsh politics." The book is still for sale online and prices vary, however Amazon are charging £86.73! This is not my doing, even though I am the publisher of the book as well as its author. When the book came out fourteen years ago I sold a number of copies to various wholesalers who then passed it on to libraries, bookshops and other retailers. Once in circulation, different sellers can charge whatever they like for their stock. I still have a number of copies in storage myself and so I've decided to put these copies on the market myself via private sale. I'll be charging £5 per copy, which is less than any of the other online sellers, plus postage and packing; this amount will depend on how far away you live. All you have to do is email me at: (This email address is also on the blog's side column) and give me an address to post it to, adding any extra instructions. I will keep your personal details strictly confidential. I'll write back to tell you how much it costs and then you can pay me by using the PayPal button at the bottom of the blog's left hand column; please specify that you are paying for goods and services when the system prompts you. Bear in mind I only have a dozen or so copies of the book left so stocks are limited.
As for my second novel Rockall; I have no hard copies of the first edition left for sale, but the second edition is available for free online, see:

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