Saturday, 26 May 2018

Roswell Rising Ad in Nexus

I have published an advertisement for Roswell Rising in Nexus magazine. Nexus is a bi-monthly journal based in Australia that has over a million readers in twenty countries. It covers UFO's, conspiracy theories, the paranormal, alternative medicine and many more of the same subjects I cover in the themes of the novels. Needless to say I am a loyal subscriber. The ads are country-specific and in the UK the publications has around 66,000 regular readers. The British publisher of Nexus, Marcus Allen, was a speaker at Dreaming Saucers, see: The advert is on page 14 of the current issue, Volume 25- Number 4 for June-July 2018. It is only a one-eighth page size, but it is eye-catching. It cost just £120 which is good value considering the journal's circulation. I will probably put the ad in the next issue too. I will only need twelve sales per ad purchase to make it worthwhile.


  1. Hi Ben, I have been thinking about buying your two Roswell books (I just got back from a holiday New Mexico the State that contains Roswell. I saw one of your books in a shop there but my attention got diverted when my two yr old daughter tripped up and hurt her hand, she was ok after we got her an ice-cream. Sorry, but I didn't think about your books again till I was on the plane home where I muttered 'shit' sotto voce) but I am a tight bastard and always want value for money. We're two businessmen so you understand that principle, right?

    Sell me your book, please. Why should I fork out £20 or more for something? Will I be entertained? Will I be enthralled? Will I tell only good things to other prospective buyers (I won't lend my books out if I buy so don't worry)? Are your books clever? Will they be like Breaking Bad? And the clincher is this, do they have a really smart and poignant subtext? For me it is always about subtext because it means the author has considered the reader to have reasonable intellectual faculties and doesn't need to have everything explained to them in loads on unnecessary detail. Also, as an add on are they allegorical (I think you said they are, can't remember)? Similar to subtext but more obvious.

    I know you must be a busy man but if I don't hear back from this comment after a couple of weeks then I'll just assume you're not interested in making a sale. You know, we are both businessmen I reiterate, so I'll understand. Getting the triquel completed must be difficult so fair do's but I won't buy unless impressed. Fairs fair. I went to all this effort.

    All the finest things to come your way my amazing man.

    Maine to Arizona to Sowerby Bridge, and a nice seaside apartment in Southport, Merseyside.


  2. Hi Todd. Sorry for the delay in replying. I'm very pleased my books are stocked in Roswell itself! I'm not sure I can answer your questions. Try the free sample of Roswell Rising on this website. Best wishes. Ben