Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Roswell Rising- First Reviews

I've had some reviews on Amazon for Roswell Rising, three of them. The book has had two five-star ratings and one one-star rating. I think I know who posted the one-star rating. He has not read the book and has no intention of doing so; he is just somebody I used to know on the HPANWO Forum who took a dislike to me and so now follows everything I do posting as much negative commentary about me as he can. For instance, he thumbs down every YouTube video I upload as soon as it's processed. Here is the text of the three reviews:

I thought this would be an interesting tome as I have seen many UFOs where I live, Hayes in west London. They continuously swoop down like birds every 30 seconds. Scary stuff but where is the government putting them all as I don't think we have an Area 51. Very disappointed to see this wasn't covered in this book. - Jack Moore

Amazing read and very interesting concept set around the Roswell crash , well done Ben , looking forward to your next one. - Miss Annette le-Mer

Great book by Ben, I really enjoyed it. - Sarah

Thanks very much for taking the time to write those reviews. The book will soon be reviewed in UFO Truth Magazine and I've sent review copies to several other journals in the UFO field. For anybody else who has not read the book yet, I hope this will encourage you to purchase a copy. It can be order from all good bookshops and also online. See here for details:

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