Friday, 16 September 2016

Small Print

Thanks to everybody who has purchased a copy of my new book Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure. See here for background: I sold every copy on my stall at the UFO Truth Magazine conference. I hope those of you who have not done so yet will order a copy soon; you will not regret it. As you can see from the Amazon page, it's had two ratings; one five-star and the other one-star. I think I know who posted the one-star rating. He has not read the book and has no intention of doing so; he is just somebody I used to know on the HPANWO Forum who took a dislike to me and so now follows everything I do posting as much negative commentary about me as he can. For instance, he thumbs down every YouTube video I upload as soon as it's processed! Roswell Rising has only been on sale a month so probably nobody reading it will have finished it yet. I have had some feedback about the book's design though. When I was selecting the design parameters at the originators, they gave me text size options. I chose a ten point font size on an eleven point bed. The "bed" is the space between the lines. This was on a trim size of 7.48 x 4.72 inches with forty-six lines per page. So the print is the minimum size available. Anything less and it would be illegible. Several people have complained to me about the small size of the text. The reason I have done this is to keep the cover price as low as possible. It's going for nine pounds (I'm not doing the £8.99 thing any more. It's dishonest and manipulative I think). If I make the print bigger I'll have to make the book bigger and this will mean it will be a pound or two more expensive. I might do that if a lot of readers have trouble with the small print. Because it's a print-on-demand book I can alter the content at any time. However, if the majority of my readers are happy with the book the way it is I'll keep the print the same size; and therefore Roswell Rising will remain a nice cheap read. For those of you having trouble, you could simply use a magnifying glass. You can pick up small plastic ones at stationary shops for only a couple of pounds.

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